Girl Ambassador Program (GAP)

Our girls don’t just want equal opportunities, but every opportunity

The 2021 Girl Ambassador Program is FULL.
We still have space in Immersion Lab.

Learn about the 2022 Girl Ambassador Program.
Applications open December 15, 2021 and close January 31, 2022.

The Experience

The Girl Ambassador Program (GAP) is a 21st-century workforce development program for Black girls and other girls of color that teaches hybrid skills and prepares them for better-paying jobs in technology and professional careers. GAP is a four-year, tiered approach that supports paced learning and development, where certified instructors work with girls based on their individual software and hardware proficiencies and life experiences. Also, girls are introduced to thought leaders and subject matter experts on job readiness, leadership, networking and financial literacy tools that will give them a head start to professional and entrepreneurial career pathways.

Most importantly, GAP is intentional about affirming our girls as well as giving them professional skills. GAP builds self-esteem and self-efficacy by ensuring positive images of Black girls are in abundance. This affirms that each participant can be their best, culturally authentic selves and see themselves in our diverse team of instructors and guest speakers.

Saturday sessions will cover a variety of hybrid skills, both hard and soft skills, ranging from coding to resume building. Not only do we offer remote classroom learning, we also cultivate experiences that encourage a bond of sisterhood through our field trips and excursions. At the end of the program, each girl will walk away with a new network of peers, new skills, experiences she will take with her for the rest of her life, and an opportunity to have real-world work experience in the summer.

Girl Ambassador Program Pathways

Apprentice: 9th Grade or Year One

Participants are introduced to software programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite and participate in workshops featuring social media, marketing, event planning, office etiquette, and more. These skills will help them in school or in their future careers to create documents, presentations, and reports.

First-year participants serve as volunteers or interns during their first summer job placement.

First-year students will either be placed in an internship or serve as a volunteer.

Please note: All job placements are dependent on a participant's evaluation at the end of the program and the capability demonstrated during the program.

Assistant: 10th Grade or Year Two

Tenth graders or those joining us for their second year will hone in on specific software training/tracks and prepare for certification exams. Participants will develop their knowledge of current software services and products. They will continue participating in workshops featuring social media, marketing, event planning, office etiquette, and more.

Second-year participants are placed in an internship with a startup company or volunteer position.

Please note: All job placements are dependent on a participant's evaluation at the end of the program and the capability demonstrated during the program.

Junior Associate: 11th Grade or Year Three

Participants develop their skills through our signature training program. In addition, participants will continue learning and developing through workshops featuring industry experts.

Third-year participants are placed in an internship with a small business or a volunteer opportunity.

Please note: All job placements are dependent on a participant's evaluation at the end of the program and the capability demonstrated during the program.

Senior Associate: 12th Grade or Year Four

12th Grade or Year Four Participants develop their skills and pursue full-time employment opportunities with former employers or go on to higher education or vocational schools.

Fourth-year participants are placed in an internship with a corporate business or a volunteer opportunity.

Please note: All job placements are dependent on a participant's evaluation at the end of the program and the capability demonstrated during the program.

Girl Ambassador Program - Current Scholarship Opportunities

Please review the eligibility criteria for the current awards. This is not an exhaustive list of the awards available to Girl Ambassador Program participants and opportunities vary each year; Girls For A Change strongly encourages our senior Girl Ambassador participants to research and plan early to apply.

Girl Ambassador Program - Scholarship Application

Privately-funded scholarships are available to Girl Ambassador high school seniors.

Many Black women entrepreneur companies lead by Black women, foundations, and organizations founded by Black women offer private scholarships with varying criteria. The scholarships are only available for Girl Ambassador Program participants and administered by Girls For A Change in partnership with the donor.

Girl Ambassador Program - Private Donor Fund

In August 2020, The Ezer Agency’s Founder, Altimese Curry, partnered with Girls For A Change to start a scholarship fund and then petitioned other Black Women Business Owners to join her in supporting future Black women leaders. What started as one scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University has blossomed into a scholarship program with multiple scholarship opportunities being offered by women who want to give back.

All donations made before April will go to girls entering higher education or a training program in the current year Fall semester.

Donations made between May and December will go towards the following year's Fall semester scholarships.


Girl Ambassador Program - Become A Hiring Partner

Girls For A Change equips their Girl Ambassadors with skills and training to become part of the workforce. If you are in the market for up and coming talent, become one of our Hiring Partners!

  • Build A Talent Pipeline

    When you hire a Girl Ambassador, you directly impact the career potential of a Black girl. Becoming a Hiring Partner allows you to invest in a young person, your community, and your business all at once. Build trust by working directly with Black girls, and increase the cultural competency within your organization.

  • Gain A New Perspective

    Each Girl Ambassador arrives to a workplace with a unique set of skills, perspectives, talents and experiences. She will help you and your company evolve, while you help her learn and grow.

  • Contribute to Social Change

    Black women in the workforce face a multitude of challenges, institutional, systematic and personal. By investing in a Black girl and helping her prepare for her future in the workforce, you are directly deconstructing the hurdles Black women face. By equipping Black girls for a future career, we know you begin to see even more potential within Black women in your organization.

Mentor a Black Girl through Margot Community

Joss Richard from Margot Community

margot community logo

We are so honored to partner with the Margot Community, an inclusive online network that helps women-identifying and non-binary individuals find mentors in all industries and give 1:1 virtual time with them. Joss Richard of the Margot Community (pictured at left) will help our Girl Ambassador Program participants find mentors who can help guide them in their summer internships, career goals, and beyond.

At this time, mentor matching is closed. It will reopen for our Girl Ambassador Program 2022 cohort. You may register at any time, but please mention that you'd like to be matched with a girl from Girls For A Change.

Learn more about Margot Community.

2021 Hiring Partners

Previous Hiring Partners

Alpha Female Sisterhood
B side Collection
Beverly Allen Historic Preservation Foundation
The Broad
Cherry on Top Tees & Co.
Community Idea Stations
Creative Dynamics Co.
Emergent Social Solutions
Hope Professional Financial Services
Lady Rose Specialty Teas
Like the Fruit
Mindful Mornings
Rejoice FM Richmond
Richmond Night Market
Richmond Young Writers
Riddle Design Co.
Sassy Jones
Senator Jennifer McClellan
Streetlight Data
Work & Friends

All girls will have the opportunity to attend annual field trips, including a special Creative Industry Tour in
New York City!*

*additional fees may apply


Girl Ambassador was focused on exposure to the business aspects of the creative industry, particularly on opportunities for women of color working behind the scenes.

While the adventures in New York and Richmond offered a variety of new perspectives and information, as I reflect I realize that I learned a lot more about myself over the course of our two-week camp. When faced with challenging situations, I've found that I am able to keep a level head and navigate my way through it.

I gained a better sense of my own perseverance despite the complexities of power dynamics that are at play in both social and professional arenas.

– Jendayi Johnson, Girl Ambassador Program

It [is] important to remember that we need to be represented because we are capable and deserving. We just need equal opportunities.

–Odessa Hott Girl Ambassador Participant

Jendayi Johnson - Girl Ambassador Program

Program Schedule & Deadline

The Girl Ambassador program begins every spring and goes through the summer. Girls attend various workshops and build their skills through specialized training sessions. In the summer, they take action—volunteering, job shadowing, participating in paid or unpaid internships and working on projects for real employers.

The Application Process
The application process for the 2021 Girl Ambassador Program closes on Friday, January 22, 2021.

The Program Schedule
The program will require participants to commit to 8 hours a week. Participants will attend class for two hours during the weekdays (*Tuesday and Wednesday) and 6 hours on *Saturday.

The program runs from January 23, 2021 until May 16, 2021. Internships will take place from July 2021 to August 2021.

*Schedule is subject to change

Our current program is FULL. The next opportunity to participate in Girl Ambassador Program will be January 2022.

Girls For A Change (GFAC) is a nonprofit youth development organization aimed at empowering Black girls and other girls of color to visualize their bright futures and potential through discovery, development, innovation and social change in their communities. Altimese has set-up a $1K scholarship to VCU that continues every calendar year for five years through her agency, ANE, LLC. The scholarship will be offered to girls enrolled in the GFAC Girl Ambassador Program, a workforce development program for High School girls designed to help prepare them for the future of work.

"Having the opportunity to pay it forward and help young women on their journeys of growth is what life is all about. As an African American woman who had to struggle through school financially, I know personally the stress it brings. My goal is to alleviate a little bit of that anxiety, especially during this time in our history, and I request that other women of color entrepreneurs join me. Together our efforts can help lift the next generation of leaders to have a better foundation and knowing that they are supported in their efforts to achieve their goals." - Altimese Nichole, CEO, Ezer Agency

“Higher education should be closing the gap between the rich and the poor. But college economics are driving them further apart. I was onboard immediately after Altimese shared her story and vision for the scholarship she wanted to offer. While tuition fees go up every year, the cost of a college education extends to room and board, transportation, food, entertainment, parking, etc. This is why scholarships are so important, especially for Black girls. While scholarships may not cover the entire cost of school, they definitely help reduce it and they don’t have to be paid back line loans. I can tell countless stories about Black women who spent most of their college years stressed with the uncertainties of returning to school for the next semester due to financial barriers. We appreciate this gift to share with our Girl Ambassador participants and look forward to welcoming more Black women entrepreneurs sharing their stories and supporting our girl's dream to continue her education.” - Angela Patton, CEO, Girls For A Change