Join Our Legacy Wall

Our Legacy Wall is going to be a three-dimensional installation full of inspiration and encouragement - reasons why our work is important. Throughout the space of our building, these Girls For A Change branded flowers, made from engraved acrylic, will list each donor's name and a personal word of encouragement directly to Black girls.

We invite you to share your reason with us and be a part of our Legacy Wall installation. We’re working with interior designer Jen Fell, from studio505, to create a beautiful installation that flows throughout the space and incorporates the words of our supporters.

This is a great way to show your support as a Corporate or Individual Donor. See below for the room mockup showing the flowers on the wall and review Donor Options lower on the page.

Girls For A Change Branch, Sister Circle and Legacy Wall concept

How do I participate?

Every contribution or pledge supports our building campaign.

  1. Give Now - for online donations below $10,000
  2. Pledge Today - for pledges below $10,000
  3. Join the Legacy Wall - Pledges and donations $10,000 or greater will add your name to our Legacy Flower Wall installation, that will flow throughout the building. See below for all donation levels.

What is the Legacy Wall supporting?

Restorative work to heal, build, and uplift Black girls, can only happen within sacred spaces dedicated to that work. Our Legacy Wall supports the One Million Reasons to Build Capital Campaign to create a brave and safe space for Black girls. Building a space of our own, on our own terms, shows Black girls that we can break down the historic and systemic barriers to opportunity, education, wealth-building, business ownership, nonprofit leadership and property ownership. Girls For A Change is changing the face of North Chesterfield with an Africentric design, co-created with the Black girls who will occupy the space. Our space signifies a community that welcomes, accepts, and protects Black girls. With tenacity and effort, we can build this space and show Black girls that they can live these changes into existence.

Additional info for Government Workers

If you are a United States Government employee, get involved on a larger scale through the Combined Federal Campaign. You can find our organization here using our CFC# 91677.

Other ways to give

Girls For A Change is an approved non-profit organization for the 2022-2023 Virginia Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). For a minimum gift of $500, an individual donor may be eligible to receive a 65% tax credit against their Virginia state income tax. The maximum allowable individual gift is $125,000. For businesses: $616 is the minimum donation eligible for tax credits in their taxable year. There is no maximum donation limitation for businesses.

Learn more about NAP for VA donors here.

Gift of stock

Flower Mockups Shown Below


Legacy Wall Donor Options - Flowers


$150,000 - 47" Gray flower. One per room. 13 available. Includes naming rights for the room where the flower is installed.

Family Foundation / Individual

$50,000 - 25" Burnt Rose flower. 20 available. Located throughout the building.

Foundations / Organizations / Families

$30,000 - 18" Yellow flower. 30 available. Located throughout the building.

Individuals / Families

$20,000 - 12" Eggplant flower. 40 available. Located throughout the building.

Celebrity Wall

$20,000 - 12” Pale Rose. 20 available. Located in the reception area

Legacy Wall Donor Options - Other Recognition


$10,000 - $19,999 - Stairwell Name Display. First and last name. 2-year recognition in our stairwell.

$5,000 - $9,999 - Digital Donor Wall. First and last name. Displayed in the reception area.

$500 - $4,999 - Website Donor Wall. First and last name. Displayed on the website.

Digital Legacy Wall Donors

Juan Perez

Creative NxGen Petroleum, LLC

Larkin Garbee

Creative Insurance Concepts, Inc.

Holly Byrd Miller

Quan Boatman

Lynne Hale

Burt Pinnock

Nadira Chase

The Hanson Co., LLC

Honest Elevator

Cain and Denise Myles

Byron Adkins

RPM Richmond Metro

Tonya Irrizarry

Celeste Steele

Candice Turner

Joe and Valerie Ward

Tiombai Ratliffe

Ellen Johnson

Charles P. Taylor

Erica Sims


Daryl Fraser

Christal Ross

Gilbane Building Company

Metropolitan Business League

Winged Women's Wellness

P. Lisa Dawson Realty & Professional Services

ICON Realty Group

Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond

Maggie Reed

Joyce Washington

Kim Sheftall Humphries

Jill McAuliffe

Let’s Be a Kid Childcare Center

Capital One