One Million Reasons To Build

We have One Million reasons you should support our building campaign. We’ll be asking our friends, family, and supporters to contribute to our campaign and share THEIR reason for doing so.

Below are just some of the fundraising initiatives we’ve created as part of our building campaign.


Help us raise the roof!

It’s one thing to occupy space. It’s another to own it.

For 5 years, Girls For A Change has cultivated an empowering Black space built for Black girls to be seen, heard, and celebrated. Now it’s time to OWN and RENOVATE that space.

In December, 2021, we launched our One Million Reasons to Build Capital Campaign to support the purchase, expansion, and renovation of our space. In the first phase of the campaign, we raised $1 million to build capacity and buy our building.

As building owners, our next step is to expand and renovate the space to support our growing programmatic needs. But we need $5.5 million to do it. And we’re relying on GFAC supporters to invest in Black girls to help us get there.


Why support our One Million Reasons to Build Campaign?

  • Because Black ownership and equity matters.
  • Because our girls need to see how important they are to the community.
  • Because it sets an example for future generations: that Black women can own businesses, property, and create the spaces we want on our own terms.
  • Because we’ve already invested over $100k in beautification of the space to ensure our girls feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Because it’s fiscally important for us to own our space and not have to worry about paying rent every month.
  • Because we want our girls to see how committed we are to having a safe space where they can be themselves and thrive.
  • Because we need to continue building Black girl magic and confidence in a space that reflects the Girls For A Change spirit and values.

Our Case Statement

Ways to Give

Join our Legacy Wall

Imagine a 3 dimensional installation full of inspiration and encouragement - reasons why our work is important. We invite you to share your reason with us and be a part of our legacy art installation. We’re working with interior designer Jen Fell, from studio505, to create a beautiful installation that flows throughout the center and incorporates the words of our supporters.

These Girls For A Change branded flowers, made from engraved acrylic, will list each donor's name and personal reason for why our girls need a space of their own. This is a great way to show your support as a Corporate Sponsor as we will have options for more visibility in any room you choose. Stay tuned!

Past Initiatives

Sun & Selene + Girls For A Change
Custom Necklace

August & November 2022

Continuing our 1 Million Reasons to Build Campaign, we partnered with Black & Woman Owned Richmond, VA jewelry brand Sun & Selene for Black Business Month in August 2022. Necklaces will also be available for pre-order November 1 - 30.


$50 for 50 Years

Celebrate our CEO, Angela Patton’s 50th Birthday

December 15, 2021


On December 15 we hosted a Pop-up celebration for GFAC CEO’s 50th Birthday. This year, instead of gifts, Sistah Angela asked for contributions to the One Million Reasons to Build campaign. We had so much fun seeing supporters pop in to drop off donations and take a photo with Angela. Thanks to all who supported this fundraiser, we made our $50k goal!

50 days to $50k

Summer 2022

You have another opportunity to support our #1MReasonstoBuild campaign AND purchase a designer bag full of goodies. Help us reach our goal of $50,000 at our Last Chance Diva Bag Grab auction!

We're launching a longer auction to help us reach our $50K goal. You'll have 50 days to shop online for bags that did not get bid on during the Diva Bag Auction - with flash sales and "Buy Now" options to skip the bidding process. The auction will open on Wednesday, July 13, and close Wednesday, August 31.


Diva Bag Auction

Summer 2022

What if you had the chance to own a bag full of goodies that once belonged to Erica Ash or another celebrity? We’re bringing back the infamous Diva Bag Auction to help raise funds for our One Million Reasons to Build campaign and we’re inviting our favorite celebrities to join us!

The “Diva Bag Auction” is an interactive giving event started in 2005, where supporters donate a new or like-new handbag that is auctioned to raise funds for Girls For A Change (GFAC) programs. With the help of donors and sponsors, GFAC will auction designer, sustainable, and vintage handbags to help fund the purchase of our building.

A note about our campaign

We continue to write and submit grants to foundations, organizations and other entities who have supported our work in the past. But we need all the support we can get to help us get to $1 Million. 

Girls For A Change is an approved non-profit organization for the 2023-2024 Virginia Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). For a minimum gift of $500, an individual donor may be eligible to receive a 65% tax credit against their Virginia state income tax. The maximum allowable individual gift is $125,000. For businesses: $616 is the minimum donation eligible for tax credits in their taxable year. There is no maximum donation limitation for businesses.