Be A Coach

“IMAGINE if girls are told they can change the world.
IMAGINE they are told this by powerful women.
IMAGINE that you are one of those women....”

Becoming A Coach

Being a Girls For A Change Coach means working with a team of girls (Girl Action Team) between 12 and 24 weeks (Fall and/or Spring semesters), supporting them in designing and implementing a social change project and, most importantly, demonstrating to girls that they're important and powerful and that they can change their world. GFAC offers training, staff support and a coach manual to support you during the fall and/or spring semester.

Volunteering as a coach with GFAC is a dynamic and rewarding experience that leads to connections with young women throughout the community, the implementation of a social change project and a contribution toward putting women at the global leadership table. Two coaches work with each team of approximately 10-25 girls.

For more information about coaching in your area, please feel free to contact us at or see the FAQs below.

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  1. How long is the commitment?
    Coaches begin with a mandatory orientation in either August/September or January. Teams will start in either early September or the beginning of February. There are also coach training sessions offered throughout the year on a variety of topics. We ask that at least one coach from your team attend these trainings. We also ask for you to commit to between 12 and 24 weeks (Fall and/or Spring semesters) as a volunteer coach (for 2 hours one day a week, between 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., either during school hours or after school). You can coach in the fall from August to December, or in the spring from January to May.
  1. Do you provide training?
    GFAC begins supporting coaches during the fall and/or spring semester with a Saturday (one-day, eight-hour) mandatory Coaches Training Session. Coaches are provided with information needed for meetings including curriculum materials, forms and team management ideas. The training also includes how to work as a co-active leader with your partner coach. Following the fall orientation sessions, coaches are asked to attend at least two more training sessions (online or in person) on a variety of topics pertaining to social change projects and working with middle and high school girls.
  1. How much time does it really take to be a coach?
    We ask that coaches plan on committing 10-15 hours a month to Girls For A Change, not including the mandatory 8-hour training session and end-of-year Black Girl Showcase. This time includes:
  • Meetings with the girls
  • One monthly check-in coach training
  • Completion of evaluation reporting
  • Taking/uploading/sending photographs
  • Prep and drive time
  1. Why do I have to pay to be a coach?
    In compliance with state laws, GFAC conducts background checks, including references and fingerprinting reports, on all coaches to insure the safety of coaches and girls in our program. In order to cover the cost of these checks, GFAC charges $25 to each coach. Financial assistance is available.
  1. Why do I have to be fingerprinted and pay for it?
    We require that volunteers working with youth are fingerprinted for everyone’s safety. We will distribute materials regarding fingerprinting in your orientation packet after you are accepted as a coach. The cost of fingerprinting varies between $20 and $30 depending on the state, agency partner and the level of screening required. If you have been fingerprinted before, you must still be fingerprinted by GFAC. This is a one-time fee and process. Financial assistance is available.

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All coaches must attend the required all-day training on Saturday, January 13, 2024.
Lunch will be provided by Girls For A Change. Training location will be announced closer to the training date.

Fill out the application below and be sure to save the date for training.

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