Our Board of Directors


Angela Patton

Founder of Camp Diva Leadership Academy
CEO of Girls For A Change


My Reason to Build
"We need space and each other to center, affirm and amplify love and acceptance of ourselves."


Maureen Jules-Perez

Board President
Chair Executive Committee

Vice President of Technology,
Capital One
Richmond, VA
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My Reason to Build
"To own is to be part of the future!"


Jennifer Williamson

Vice President
Co-Chair, Outreach & Development Committee

Virginia State University
Chester, VA


My Reason to Build
"Because we don’t want Girls For A Change to merely survive, but thrive, and owning this space will allow the organization, and in turn, Black Girls, to thrive in every way, now and for generations to come."

Headshots by Jay Paul Photography.


Charles P. Taylor

Co-Chair, Building & Property Committee

Independent Insurance Agent,
Taylor Asset Protection
Richmond, VA
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My Reason to Build
"Because you draw breath."

Holly Miller

Holly Miller

Outreach & Development Committee

Makeup By Holly Beauty Partners
Richmond, VA
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My Reason to Build
"The building campaign is vitally important to the girls because it allows them to see more, be more and do more. Expanding the building, will allow more girls, like me, who may not be in an environment that encourages growth and opportunities. Girls for a Change will give them all of the necessary resources needed to thrive! The building will be a place of infinite possibilities for the girls, their families and the community!"


Jillian Gatewood

Building Committee

My Reason to Build
"My reason to build is to have a place where girls can thrive, be supported, and be in community with those around them."


Dr. Fantasy Lozada Smith

Co-Chair, Mission & Vision Committee

Associate Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA


My Reason to Build
"I build for Black girls because their hearts, minds, and voices carry our past, present, and future -- and such significant power can sometimes carry significant burden. So I build space for Black girls to help us lighten the load and lift each other up to the light.."

Interested in Joining Our Board?

 Board recruitment will open in June and selected members will start their full term in the fall.

Board Committees

Governance Committee
This committee is formed on an as needed basis to focus on special projects or perform special functions to include the creation or updating of governance documents, director recruitment, and board development. 

Executive Committee
This committee consists of the Board President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, as well as the organization’s CEO. This committee is only open to current board members or when applying for the board. This committee would act on behalf of the full board in order to facilitate decision-making, manage urgent matters or respond to crisis situations in between board meetings. This committee would also prioritize issues for the full board to address. This committee would meet once every other month, scheduling other meetings as needs dictate.

Mission and Vision Committee
This committee is responsible for the internal and operational matters of GFAC and includes, but is not limited to, the areas of human resources, finance, administration, facilities, research, and programming.

Potential members of this committee could be composed of relevant backgrounds such as: legal expertise (contracts/licensing), commercial real estate, programming/services, facility management, budget and financing, human resources, public policy/advocacy, nonprofit management, etc.

Outreach & Development Committee
This committee is responsible for the direction and oversight of GFAC’s fundraising and resource development needs, public relations, outreach to members, publicity, and marketing as determined by the Board and staff. This committee promotes the development of partnerships with business leaders, organizations, and others to accomplish the mission of GFAC through collaborative efforts where possible, and provides active leadership in the planning and operation of the following: fundraising & events, public relations, publications,
and marketing and communications as it pertains to our various stakeholders (funders, teen girls, parents, community at large).

Potential members of this committee could be composed of relevant backgrounds such as: marketing and advertising, fundraisers, community organizers, journalists/media, professional development coaches, education, and volunteer recruitment.

Building & Property Committee
The responsibilities are for individuals that need a temporary role to include caring for the facilities used for programs, mission activities and activities. On November 6 2021, Girls For A Change Board  created a Building Committee. Membership of the committee is subject to the approval of the Board. The duties are subject to revision, revocation, or addition at any time at the sole discretion of the Board.

The Building & Property Committee is responsible for the detailed planning and execution of the property on 100 Buford Road, North Chesterfield, VA 23235 raising funds to purchase the building and/or a renovation of the existing building GFAC currently leases in August/September, 2022. The Building Committee duties consist mainly in fundraising, making proposals, which must be approved by the Board and in seeing that approved proposals are carried out.

Potential members of this committee should have expertise in policies, planning, development stewardship and financial sustainability for lands, facilities, infrastructure and related property matters, construction and renovation projects including related supplies, equipment, technology and services; acquisition and disposition of immovable property and leases, permits, regulatory requirements and servitudes.

Interested in Serving on a Committee?


At Girls For A Change, we are preparing Black girls for the world, and the world for Black girls.

– Angela Patton, Chief Executive Officer