Career Opportunities

Join the Girls For A Change team.

Be a part of our mission.
Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future.

At Girls For A Change (GFAC), we believe in creating a world where girls and young women can confidently express themselves, act with integrity, and be the catalysts for positive societal change. We invite those who resonate with our vision to join our team of dedicated professionals and participate in this transformation.

Why work with GFAC?

High-Quality Training: Our staff are not just employees but skilled professionals trained in youth development, culturally responsive programming, and girls-centered practices. We are concerned about your development.

Uplifting Black Girls: We center our efforts on uplifting, supporting, and ensuring the growth of Black girls, preparing them for a future where they can confidently lead.

Embracing Our Core Values: At GFAC, we believe in the following:

Giving Black girls the freedom to dream, take risks, and be children.Unwavering integrity and the pursuit of excellence.Collaborative work for the best outcomes for Black girls.Encouraging Black girls to have a say in our programs, ensuring they are relevant and impactful. Constantly challenging the norm for a better future.

Employment Requirements:

Exclusivity: Working at GFAC requires your commitment. You cannot engage in work related to GFAC elsewhere or work for competitors.

Full Disclosure: We expect transparency. If you have other employment or professional relationships, please inform us. This ensures that there are no conflicts of interest.

Other Employment Conditions: You can have other employment, provided it does not interfere with your role at GFAC or compete against our objectives.

Staff Positions

We have no open Staff Positions at this time.


We have no open internships at this time.