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Thrive Instead of Merely Survive

Girls For A Change offers a monthly professional development program for high school and early college students to gain certifications, learn new skills, and get insights from experts in multiple fields and industries.

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About the Immersion Lab

There’s a digital divide in our community. Black girls and other girls of color are not graduating with the skills needed for work in the 21st Century. The racial achievement gaps remain large nationwide but are slowly declining. Lack of access is still the driving force.

The problem is more profound than digital skills, though; it is systemic. Breaking the cycle of poverty takes more than just teaching a girl to code. Even if she learns new digital skills to get the job she wants, she will have a hard time breaking through the concrete ceiling.

Without a support network, mentors to provide guidance, and certifications, she will have limited professional growth opportunities on the horizon. Her only reliable fallback option to survive and get by will be to get a job with no real trajectory and limited potential. This vicious cycle is what many girls in our community face.

Our Immersion Lab aims to disrupt that cycle by being proactive and equipping young women with the tools and resources they need to thrive instead of merely survive. This girl-led event space and workforce development program designed to set girls of color up with the skills, experience, and professional networks needed to succeed.