Girl Ambassador Program Hiring Partners

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How to Become A Hiring Partner

  1. Attend a Virtual Information Session between November 2021 and April 2022.
  2. Hiring partner applications open November 15, 2021 and close April 20, 2022.
  3. Receive a Welcome Letter and prepare for Diversity Training and Speed Networking in May.
  4. Make payments to Girls For A Change by June 18th. Accepted payment types are check, certified check, or direct deposit.
  5. Begin working with a participant July -August 2022.
  6. Have a halfway point check-in meeting during the week of July 19th, 2022.
  7.  Attend the celebration on August 12, 2022!

Why Become A Hiring Partner?

  • Build A Talent Pipeline

    When you hire a Girl Ambassador, you directly impact the career potential of a Black girl. Becoming a Hiring Partner allows you to invest in a young person, your community, and your business all at once. Build trust by working directly with Black girls, and increase the cultural competency within your organization.

  • Gain A New Perspective

    Each Girl Ambassador arrives to a workplace with a unique set of skills, perspectives, talents and experiences. She will help you and your company evolve, while you help her learn and grow.


  • Contribute to Social Change

    Black women in the workforce face a multitude of challenges, institutional, systematic and personal. By investing in a Black girl and helping her prepare for her future in the workforce, you are directly deconstructing the hurdles Black women face. By equipping Black girls for a future career, we know you begin to see even more potential within Black women in your organization.

2021 Hiring Partners

Previous Hiring Partners

Alpha Female Sisterhood
B side Collection
Beverly Allen Historic Preservation Foundation
The Broad
Cherry on Top Tees & Co.
Community Idea Stations
Creative Dynamics Co.
Emergent Social Solutions
Hope Professional Financial Services
Lady Rose Specialty Teas
Like the Fruit
Mindful Mornings
Rejoice FM Richmond
Richmond Night Market
Richmond Young Writers
Riddle Design Co.
Sassy Jones
Senator Jennifer McClellan
Streetlight Data
Work & Friends

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Applications will open on November 15. We look forward to working with you.