Girl Ambassador Program
Current Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for available for 2021

Black girl on a college campus studying on a park bench

Please review the eligibility criteria for the awards listed below. This is not an exhaustive list of the awards available to Girl Ambassador participants and opportunities vary each year; Girls For A Change strongly encourages our senior Girl Ambassador participants to research and plan ahead.


(per year)

$5000 over a period of 5 years - to Virginia Commonwealth University


(per year)

$2000 over a period of 4 years - to Virginia Commonwealth University

The Ezer Agency - Altimese Nichole

Criteria to Apply:

  • Must be an upcoming college freshman attending Virginia Commonwealth University or received early acceptance into Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Must submit at 500-1500 word essay outlining your goals, life vision, and importance of this scholarship opportunity.

During her time at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Altimese Nichole found it difficult to juggle school work, living on her own and navigating the requirements to receive financial aid. Now a successful owner of the communications company, The Ezer Agency (formerly known as Altimese Nichole Enterprise, LLC), she wants to pay it forward and support Black entrepreneurs who are doing the same. Amongst times of civil unrest, she wanted to give back to the future leaders of Richmond’s Black community. Altimese has partnered with us to fulfill her commitment!

“Having the opportunity to pay it forward and help young women on their journeys of growth is what life is all about. As an African American woman who had to struggle through school financially, I know personally the stress it brings. My goal is to alleviate a little bit of that anxiety, especially during this time in our history, and I request that other women of color entrepreneurs join me. Together our efforts can help lift the next generation of leaders to have a better foundation and knowing that they are supported in their efforts to achieve their goals.”
– Altimese Nichole, CEO, Ezer Agency


(to a school of your choice)

Note to Self Scholarship - Mia Branham

Criteria to Apply:

  • Must be an upcoming college freshman or rising sophomore, senior, or junior attending a college or university.
  • Must submit a 500-1500 word essay, painting, drawing, collage, song, or any other creative piece of art outlining your future goals, life vision, why you are attending your college/university of choice, and the importance of this scholarship opportunity.

Note to Self is a collection of personal quotes written by Mia Brabham. In this seven-year diary-turned-book, Mia Brabham explores life's questions and makes bold observations. This little book of ponderings was made for those with an affinity for words and wisdom, who are ready to become more of themselves. This $1000 scholarship was created by the author from a portion of proceeds from the book.


to any University

Confident Creative Scholarship - Samantha McCoy

Criteria to Apply:

  • Must be an upcoming college freshman attending school full-time or received early full-time acceptance for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Must be a full-time student majoring in Public Relations, Strategic Communications, or Entrepreneurship
  • Must self-identify as Black or African American

Samantha E. McCoy, Elon University alum (Class of '06) and founder and CEO of MissionKey Communications, LLC has established this scholarship award to help a Black woman who needs additional financial support. Samantha funded her own college tuition largely through scholarships and is excited to pay it forward. She also knows how stressful scholarship applications can be - relax and have some fun with this one!

How to Apply

Girls who are in the Girls For A Change Girl Ambassador Program can apply for one of these scholarships at the link below but must meet the following requirements. 

  • Must live in the Richmond Metro area 
  • Have been through at least three years of the Girl Ambassador Program
  • Be a current high school senior

Start a Scholarship Fund

Looking for a way to give back to your community? What better way to help the next generation of leaders than offer a college scholarship to help reduce the financial burden? Scholarships can be between $1,000 and $10,000 per year to your alma mater or to a certification program you feel strongly about. Fill out the interest form below to get started.

All donations made before April will go to girls entering higher education or a training program in the current year Fall semester.

Donations made between May and December will go towards the following Fall semester scholarships.

Private Donor Fund Founders

In August 2020, The Ezer Agency’s Founder, Altimese Curry, partnered with Girls For A Change to start a scholarship fund and then petitioned other Black Women Business Owners to join her in supporting future Black women leaders. What started as one scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University has blossomed into a scholarship program with multiple scholarship opportunities being offered by women who want to give back. 

"I am overjoyed by the collaboration and collective Black excellence demonstrated by our first cohort of scholarship donors. This is a great example of staying in the gap and pooling resources to serve our community. These women serve as great examples for our girls of what it looks like to pay it forward - to reach back and bring someone else along. It just goes to show you don't have to have tons of money to make a difference." 
- Angela Patton, CEO, Girls For A Change

The scholarships listed above are only for girls in the Girls For A Change (GFAC) Girl Ambassador Program and will be administered by GFAC in partnership with the donor.