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The “Diva Bag Auction” is an interactive giving event started in 2005, where supporters donate a new or like-new handbag that is auctioned to raise funds for Girls For A Change (GFAC) programs. This year’s auction will raise funds for our One Million Reasons to Build campaign. For five years, Girls For A Change has cultivated an empowering Black space built for Black girls to be seen, heard, and celebrated. Now it’s time to own that space.

With the help of donors and sponsors, GFAC will auction designer, sustainable, and vintage handbags to help fund the purchase of our building, cover remodeling costs, and continue services provided by Girls For A Change to our community. Our goal is to raise $350K toward the one million dollar goal.



April 9 // Recording Party at blackbird.house

The Diva Bag Auction will be pre-recorded in Los Angeles and streamed as a virtual event to our 750+ expected attendees in May. We will invite sponsors, celebrity guests, and auction donors to a recording party hosted by Girls For A Change Celebrity Advocate Erica Ash on Saturday, April 9th. 

The pre-recording day will consist of a reception, recording sessions to showcase donated items, a VIP room for mingling with sponsors and celebrity supporters, red carpet photography, fun games, cocktails, and entertainment. We are excited to be hosting this event at blackbird.house, a co-working and event space for women of color that centers on building community and supporting each other.  

May 20 Registration Opens, June 18 Bidding Begins  // Diva Bag Auction

The online, automatic bidding auction will happen over 48 hours June 18-20, and will include live-streamed updates from special guests at the Girls For A Change headquarters, as well as the recorded bag presentations we did at our Recording Party. All proceeds from the auction go to our One Million Reasons to Build campaign.

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Donate a bag

February 15 - March 31
Donate a like-new luxury or handcrafted handbag OR a well-kept vintage bag.

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Donate something to go into a bag

February 15 - March 31

Think creatively and help make a unique experience! Examples: Jewelry, beauty items, gift certificates for the spa, professional sports event tickets, theater tickets, restaurant experiences, etc. We hope to have up to 25 bags. Donate one item or fill up each bag!

Become a sponsor

February 15 - March 15*
Sponsor the event
*to receive VIP tickets

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Bid on a bag

Registration to bid opens May 20.

Auction opens Saturday, June 18.
Bidding all day Sunday, June 19.
Auction closes on Monday, June 20 at 6pm.

Help us fill our bags with items for the Diva Bag Auction!


Gift Certificates
Movie premiers
Theater tickets
Spa packages
Hotel stays
Airbnb stays
Flights / airline points
Museum tickets
Concert tickets

Sporting Game Tickets


Beauty Items

Gift sets
Hair products
Soaps / bath bombs
Skincare Products


Luxury Items

Handmade items
Designer Sunglasses


VIP Experiences

Celebrity meet & greet
Video Q&A
Lunch with a VIP
Curated trip
Vacation home stay
Vacation Packages
One-Hour Master Class
Virtual Cooking Classes


Donate a Bag

We invite companies or fashion enthusiasts to donate new or like-new designer or vintage handbags to add to the auction and/or items to go into a bag.

As a donor, we will be promoting your business through social media, our newsletter, and website, where we have a yearly digital reach of over 1 Million supporters.

Additionally, your donated items will be showcased during the auction recording on April 9 by our celebrity supporters, placing your business in front of their fans and followers while also engaging your company in corporate social responsibility. All bag or item donations must be received by March 31.

Sponsor the Event

Help us reach our goal by sponsoring our famous “Diva Bag Auction,” an event that draws celebrity support and 750+ attendees.

This year we're raising funds for our One Million Reasons to Build campaign.

With the help of donors and sponsors like you, we will auction designer, sustainable, and vintage handbags to help fund the purchase of our building, cover remodeling costs, and continue services provided by Girls For A Change to our community.

Our goal is to raise $350K towards the One Million dollar goal, and we have been offered a matching grant of $350K if we reach our goal.

2022 Donated Handbags

2022 Donated Swag

The Diva - On the Inside!

The start of the Diva Bag Auction was to help send girls to Camp Diva many years ago. Our girls know that it's not always about the Diva on the outside - what's most important is the Diva on the inside.

In that spirit, we hope you'll follow along on our Evergreen auction page when the Diva Bag Auction goes live. You will see all of the amazing items, experiences and accessories that make each Diva Bag special inside.