All the New Netflix Movies You Can Watch This Summer: Daughters Added to Netflix August 14th

“Summertime: The living is easy, school’s (almost) out, and the days are growing longer and hotter — which means there’s plenty of space for cool nights spent on the couch. Curl up with family, pals, or a really big bowl of popcorn, and queue up your next Netflix obsession.

From blistering action movies and raucous comedies to tense thrillers and incredible animated films for your whole family, this year’s summer lineup is packed with all of your favorite stars. And documentary fans will be just as pleased, with entertaining and thought-provoking deep dives. Whether you’re in the mood to learn about the fascinating history of the first Black Barbie, experience a very special father-daughter dance, or soar to dizzying heights atop the world’s last great skyscraper — you’ve got a lot of watching to do.

A moving portrait of empathy and forgiveness, Daughters traces an eight-year documentary journey by filmmaker Natalie Rae and social change advocate Angela Patton. The film intimately follows Aubrey, Santana, Raziah, and Ja’Ana as they prepare for a momentous Daddy Daughter Dance with their incarcerated fathers. Speaking openly about their aspirations, dreams, and the emotional toll of their fathers’ absence, compounded by the constraints of virtual visits, these girls reveal a profound wisdom and resilience beyond their years. As they navigate heartbreak, anger, and uncertainty, they seize a precious opportunity to forge connections. Daughters sheds light on the complexities of familial bonds strained by the unforgiving barriers of the criminal justice system and emphasizes that the foundation of community healing lies within the family unit.”

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