Richmond Based Women Entrepreneurs: We need you!

Black female entrepreneurs are leading the way in starting businesses. According to Harvard Business Review, “17% of Black women are in the process of starting or running new businesses, compared to just 10% of white women, and 15% of white men.” 

The number of businesses owned by women is increasing every day, however, finding startup funding and mentorship remain some of the biggest hurdles they face. Black women in America share a unique experience as business owners because of the struggles they face – rooted in both systemic sexism and racism.

This year’s Black Girl Rally is for emerging young Black female business owners to get a better idea of what women face as they start a business. We are seeking up to 25 female business owners to share how they overcame their trials and offer advice on building a successful business and support network.  This is your chance to provide opportunity and access to Black girls. 

 It can be intimidating to start something from scratch. Our Black Girl Rally will help connect girls to their next mentor, friend, client, or employer. Interested in paying it forward? Please complete this form. All women business owners are welcome.

Entrepreneurs need a well-rounded skill set. We will focus on these key areas during our table discussions: ​

      • Business Plans 
      • Goal Setting 
      • Leadership & Career Advancement
      • Loans & Money Management
      • Personal Development 
      • Customers
      • Branding & Communications 
      • Technology 
      • Storytelling 

If you’re interested in sponsoring a table to discuss and problem solve with girls around issues they may face as an entrepreneur, fill out the form linked below. Once you’ve registered, be sure to sign-up for a slot to be interviewed on our Instagram Live feed so we can promote you and your participation. Sign-up for IG Live here.

Are you a woman entrepreneur interested in supporting this event, however, you may not be able to attend? We have multiple ways for you to participate and be present in support of young, Black females on the verge of starting up. 

Donate a door prize(s) for our raffle 

Door prizes can be delivered or dropped off Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am-6pm or Fridays 10am-3pm at Girls For A Change on 100 Buford Road, North Chesterfield, VA. Please confirm your delivery date and time with Na’Kera Richardson at or call (804) 405-2827.

* For shipping items, please provide us with the tracking number.  Girls For A Change mailing address is 100 Buford Road, North Chesterfield, VA 23235.

Sponsor a ticket

Pay it forward by sponsoring a ticket for a local high school student to attend our annual Black  Girl Rally. Purchase ticket here.

Sponsored tickets are passed along to local schools to be distributed to 12 girls at the institution’s discretion. Your generosity will be recognized during the conference’s acknowledgments.

Donate swag

Help us fill our 75 swag bags with one of your products or a product from your favorite Black-owned business. All items can be delivered to Girls For A Change located on 100 Buford Road, North Chesterfield, VA 23235. Please contact Na’Kera Richardson to make arrangements. 

Offer your time

Offer an experiential learning session with one of our participants (mentoring session, lunch, shadow you for the day, virtual Q&A, etc.)

Sponsor an Immersion Lab membership

Sponsor a membership to the Immersion Lab so a participant can receive ongoing entrepreneurship guidance, support, and opportunities for one year. Click here to make your annual donation of $300.00 to support membership for one or more participants. 

All donations made to Girls For A Change are tax-deductible and is an approved non-profit organization for the 2019-2020 Virginia Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). As a $500 table sponsor, an individual donor may be eligible to receive a 65% tax credit against his or her Virginia state income tax. The maximum allowable individual gift is $125,000. For businesses: $616 is the minimum donation eligible for tax credits in their taxable year. There is no maximum donation limitation for businesses. Click here to learn more about the NAP program.

More details on this year’s Black Girl Rally here.